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Maestrale V1.0 - System administration

The project DAI-Digital Ambrosiana on Internet aims at the digitization of the manuscript heritage of one of the most important Italian libraries.

The initiative, strongly supported by the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, was launched in October 2011 with the support of Fondazione Cariplo, who from the start believed in the roadmap designed by a team, consisting both of doctors from the Ambrosiana, and by experts from CINECA, Icas94, Comperio srl and De Agostini.

If you need more information write to : .

The project

The initiative allowed the Biblioteca Ambrosiana to enter the world of digital libraries. Moreover, for the first time, a whole heritage of manuscripts is digitized without making any selection or cut, because we believe that every single document is important and worthy of being known by the larger number of people.

Now everyone can access the heritage of the famous Library wanted by the Borromeos more than four centuries ago. This will also preserve valuable documents and manuscripts from the tear and wear due to the consultation by the public.

The diffusion of knowledge and the valorisation of its assets have always been the main objectives to which the Library has looked at with great interest, together with the need to ensure the authority of the source document.

Further guarantee of the quality of the project is the use of the Codex [ml] system, developed by CINECA, to ensure the management, use, distribution, and long-term preservation of digital cultural resources.

The consultation of the digital library was available for free until June 30, 2012, after this date access is allowed only to those who have subscribed.

The project also provides the opportunity to request digital copies of the manuscripts for study or for commercial use.

Do you want to see the digital images ?

The digital library currently contains more than 1,500 digitized volumes, that can be consulted starting from the Digital Library section of the OPAC.
The Codice Atlantico is not part of the DAI project. If you wish to view those images go to the Other scans pages.

Do you want to ask for a reproduction for study ?

By means of the OPAC you can search for all the kinds of documents lying in Library (manuscripts, prints, letters, scrolls, prints ...), and make every kind of request for a digital copy, filling the CodeX[ml] Store form, linked to each record in the catalog.

Do you want to ask for a reproduction with editing rights ?

If the request is for commercial and / or editorial need (print, various media ...), you must fill the De Agostini Picture Library form.


For information about the project or the consultation of the digital resources send email to: .
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